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Point One Media's clients enjoy professional, high-impact web service solutions that are customized to fit individual needs. Website and email hosting is the foundation upon which we build a powerful web presence for each client. One-on-one needs assessment, professional writing services, and cutting-edge design take each project to the next level as we consider the client's input every step of the way.


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Web Management Made Easy

Our Drupal-based ConnectPoint suite of easy-to-use content management web tools allows clients the freedom to maintain their own site content so they can focus on what's really important – growing their businesses.

After more than a decade of publishing online and in print, we know how important it is to stay current, dynamic, and flexible when it comes to communicating with everyone who helps make a business or organization successful. ConnectPoint meets the need for a powerful, hassle-free communication tool that leverages the Internet's potential.

ConnectPoint is a website management system designed to make it quick and easy to maintain all types of content, manage subscribers/members, and facilitate powerful and effective communication systems. ConnectPoint is about more than just content; it's about connecting people to information over the Internet.

ConnectPoint is designed for any organization that has to manage a large amount of changing content and for the people who need access to that content. Current modules include a Directory Manager, Content Manager, Member Manager, and a Report Manager. ConnectPoint can easily integrate the Internet's leading services like Google, Facebook, UberCart for E-commerce, Double-Click Banner Manager, Twitter, and more. ConnectPoint can also be adapted to any custom-design web services we build, which means clients can manage and maintain their entire service through the easy-to-use ConnectPoint administration area.

Managing and communicating with members also just got easier for association executives and managers. Point One Media has built a version of its popular ConnectPoint software especially for trade associations to help them leverage the Internet in fulfilling their mandates.

ConnectPoint For Your Organization

ConnectPoint is built on a robust and flexible architecture that is adaptable to a large variety of online business management needs. Any organization needing a website that can accommodate a large amount of information and users may find ConnectPoint is the solution to making its online business and networking objectives a reality.

A ConnectPoint enabled website site will make your organization more efficient and help to harness the best the of the web.

Custom-built Solutions For Your Business

While there is an overwhelming amount of web services available on the Internet, what many clients really need are custom-designed online services to improve or solve existing business processes, and this is where we shine. We are experts at evaluating existing business processes or problems, and translating them into easy-to-mange and efficient web-based services. We take the time to meet with stakeholders and everyone involved so we fully understand the task at hand and how web technology can improve efficiency and customer service. We'll find or create the best technology solution for your business process and show you why we chose it above other options so you'll be confident investing in your project.

When you're ready to start moving a new or existing business process online, give us a call and we'll be happy to share our expertise with you. If you feel like you need a trusted second opinion on any web technology you already have in place, we'll gladly help you evaluate it in a fair and unbiased manner.

To find out more about working with our company read our terms of service.

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